Dave Durrell
Candidate for Maine State House District 16
All of Hollis, Part of Buxton and Saco

About Dave


I was born and raised here in southern Maine, and went to school in Orono. I owned and ran a commercial millwork company for the past 28 years. We built our plant in Buxton about 14 years ago, because it made good business sense to move it here. In addition to being attractively priced and zoned, Buxton is a great place to work!

In over 25 years I have seen booms and busts, and have seen things that help foster business, and things that hinder it. I have worked hard to meet a payroll every week, to plan and keep a budget and to make sure the needs of customers and employees and the business are met. I believe that small business is the backbone of our state and local economy, and that it provides the jobs that allow our community to thrive.

We all work hard to put food on the table and care for our families, and we should expect our government to be on our side. From an education system that works for our kids to healthcare that works for all of us, there are important issues that we have a stake in making sure the State is accountable to us.

Ready to work for our community

Endorsed by Representative Don Marean

“Dave is a longtime small business owner who knows what it’s like to sign both sides of a paycheck… It is important for us going forward that we have someone as mature as Dave is, and someone with business experience and community experience. I think it is in our best interests that Dave Durrell be our next Representative in Augusta, and I am hoping that you will join me in supporting him.” Rep. Don Marean, State House District 16, Hollis, Buxton, Saco (part)

On the Issues


A strong economy is not possible without an educated work force. A strong school system is critical. Key to this is preparing K-12 students for not just the next step, but the world beyond. While testing is important, our priority is to teach to the student, not the test. We need to focus more resources on our vocational education system for our students who are focused in that direction and for our economy, which will continue to beg for more skilled workers.


We are the only advanced nation not to have healthcare for all, even though we have several systems set up to deliver it (Medicare, the VA, Private Insurance, Medicaid, etc.) This issue is of critical importance to me. It is just unacceptable to ration care to some while elsewhere we overspend on inefficient, repetitious, or divisive healthcare systems. As an employer, year after year I have seen the rampant increases in health insurance cost coupled with the decrease in benefits. We need a national single payer universal healthcare system. On the state level we should continue to support the health insurance exchange of the ACA and work to expand health coverage to all Mainers. With the recent job losses due to the Coronavirus outbreak, it is even clearer how important it is that health coverage be coupled with the person, not the job.

Maine's Economy

A strong economy and good jobs are the foundations for a decent standard of living, a strong family, and a vibrant community. A strong economy helps to keep our young people close to home. I am committed to working for economic development and jobs, especially small businesses, which are the backbone of our economy. In these uncertain times we will have to do all that we can to help people build their business back up and get them running again. This is going to be an incredibly challenging time for state and local governments to maintain their core programs while meeting the surge in needs for their services. State and local resources will be strained. But we need to meet these challenges, and it will take hard work and creativity to do so.

Aging in Maine

One of our greatest responsibilities is to assure the security of the senior members of our communities. As a state with an older population our needs in Maine are acute. Maximizing the ability of older Mainers to remain in their homes and their communities is our responsibility, and just makes sense. Most people want to remain in their homes, and it's much less expensive than congregate care. Except when nursing home care is appropriate, we should make it easier to fund stay-at-home options. At the same time, isolation is a real problem with many of our older neighbors. One innovative approach to help deal with this and also contain costs, is voluntary home sharing arrangements. For some people this can meet their needs and be a fulfilling experience. In this time of blown up budgets, critical care needs, and high unemployment I would explore increasing training and pay for additional home care workers to create good jobs for Mainers and to provide in-home care for our Seniors.


Job creation and growth is critical. As we set to work to bring back the economy, all too many are struggling to find good jobs. State government should do all it can to ease the way for small business and self-employed people to go forward and get ahead in their work efforts. Continuing education is a bridge for many who need to acquire new skills to re-enter the work force.

Renewable Energy

Maine is well suited for several proven renewable sources, including wind, solar and tidal energy. Environmental damage, fluctuating energy prices for consumers, and the limits of global hydrocarbon reserves compel us to explore, encourage and utilize renewable, clean energy. There is no debating this. The economic need for energy diversification is clear. The environmental need is even greater. As the Town of Hollis representative to the Board of EcoMaine, I am encouraged to see how a long running successful operation can manage a difficult problem in an environmentally sensitive way. The State of Maine can and must support green energy.



Senator Linda Sanborn

"Dave Durrell is a good man with a great vision for Maine. As a cabinet maker and small business owner, he knows the importance of career and technical education as a key to innovation, growing good paying jobs, and economic development. Dave understands the burden health care places on small businesses and will fight for affordable healthcare for everyone. He is a true Mainer and trusted community member. I wholeheartedly support Dave Durrell to represent House District 16 (Buxton, Hollis and part of Saco) in Augusta with honesty and integrity."

Sen. Linda Sanborn, SD 30, Buxton

Senator Justin Chenette

"Dave is someone I can trust to really listen to the concerns of our neighbors. He will continue our community's history of ethical and respectful leadership in Augusta. You never have to question that Dave has your back."

Senator Justin Chenette, SD-31, Hollis, Saco, Buxton (part)

Mr. John Sheahan

“I reached out to Dave to serve on a town committee with

me. I find him to be thoughtful, knowledgeable and

committed to doing the right thing for his constituents.”

John Sheahan, Former Chair Hollis New MC Committee

Ms. Jane Mohrman Charron

“Dave believes in a government that supports positive improvement for all.

I’m confident he will listen and act in the best interest of his constituents.”

Ms. Jane Mohrman Charron, Retired Teacher

Mr. Sean Heavin

“Even though Dave and I have different political views, he’s a great neighbor and a good, hardworking man. We will not find a finer person to represent our district.”

Mr. Sean Heavin, Sm. Business Owner and neighbor


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